Management of major transactions

We assist with the management of major transactions, including privately financed PPPs and government financed procurements. We clarify objectives; develop procurement strategies; and assist with managing the transaction from initial design to execution.
We work for both sellers and bidders.

Assignments include:

Transport Ticketing Authority: the TTA was established in 2003, to procure Melbourne’s smartcard ticketing system. Firecone worked for over two years on development and implementation of a procurement strategy. The procurement was rapid, ensured a strong field, including two new international entrants to the market, and led to award of the first smartcard transit system based on an open architecture.

Rolling stock: Firecone has worked for government agencies preparing to procure new rolling stock and for private tenderers,
in Sydney, Victoria and Auckland. Our advice has covered the complex interaction between finance, supply, maintenance, depot strategy, infrastructure and operations.

Fibre optic network: Firecone managed the proposed private finance of a fibre optic network for VicTrack. Following receipt of tenders, we advised on an on-balance sheet approach, with risk sharing in revenue generated.

Buildings and Specialist Facilities: Firecone is working on behalf of the Burnet Institute and Bayside Health to facilitate the construction and long term operation of a multi purpose building. The contract is for a long term concession that includes development, construction, financing, operations and maintenance, and end of period handover